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Multivariate Testing Software

With 32,768 possible creative combinations for each Home page, landing page, product page, or email, do you know which one gets you the most conversions? And which one yields your highest profits?

With Conversion Multiplier's multivariable testing technology, you will.

Or you can always guess

And guess again. But with the cost to generate qualified prospects steadily increasing, is that how you want to manage your business, or your client's business? If you're not using Conversion Multiplier, that's essentially what you're doing.

Conversion Multiplier can help you to leverage the power of conversions to
increase your revenue and profits, without touching your costs.

A/B split tests
 only compare one variable at a time. So assuming just two
versions of 15 variables (32,768 combinations), you'll be waiting a very long time to get your answers. Increase the variables or versions, and you're into the millions.

You're too smart for that

Multivariate testing is the solution. Because it analyzes multiple variables at the same time, you get to the end result in a fraction of the time. But all multivariate testing software, also refererred to as "Web optimization" software, is not alike. 

The "lite" offerings on the market can only test a handful of combinations, versus thousands. So they don't offer much value. 

More expensive multivariable testing products offer value, but with limitations. They can't optimize your profits, because they can't analyze a free shipping offer, a bundle, an extra service, or anything that increases costs. Surprisingly, they also can't analyze your email marketing which is a critical marketing tool for most companies. 

Unmatched Performance

Conversion Multiplier is the most advanced multivariate testing software available. It combines multivariable testing with a Nobel-prize winning analysis technique developed for Wall Street and our unmatched, industry-leading, proprietary algorithms. This unique combination consistently beats all other testing methods. 

Conversion Multiplier is also the only solution that can optimize conversions for your Web site, landing pages, and email marketing. And it's the only solution that can optimize for profits. We know of no other solution that can do all this.
The result: You crunch your testing process down to a single quarter in most cases. You identify the one version among tens of thousands (sometimes millions) of combinations that generates the highest conversions or you identify one version that optimizes your profits.

If you're interested in learning more about optimizing your conversions and profits with Conversion Multiplier, please click here to contact us.


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